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Great Beer Wanderers - Prague Breweries

Arrival: Weihenstephan + Braeuwirt Weiden
Pirker Brauhaus
Puettner + Iblacker Weiden
Drinking Zoigl
Pilsner Urquell
Pilsen - Brewery Museum
Staropramen + Branik
Velke Popovice + Pruhonice
Krusovice + Chyne
U Fleku + Last Evening
Monday started with a tour through the Staropramen (meaning: old well) Brewery at Prague. Brian stands behind a rare exsample of a rectangular kettle.

Although the brewery produces more than 1 million barrels of beer per year, all of the wort is fermented in open tubs.

Long divided tanks are used for the lagering.

The photo at the bottom shows Branik Brewery, which is also owned by the Prague Brewing Company.

The building which the huge chimney was a kiln but is out of use today.