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Great Beer Wanderers - Püttner and Iblacker

Arrival: Weihenstephan + Braeuwirt Weiden
Pirker Brauhaus
Puettner + Iblacker Weiden
Drinking Zoigl
Pilsner Urquell
Pilsen - Brewery Museum
Staropramen + Branik
Velke Popovice + Pruhonice
Krusovice + Chyne
U Fleku + Last Evening
Schlammersdorf - 5 miles north of the huge Grafenwoehr military training area used by the U.S. army - is home of brewery Puettner.

In 1992 the family-owned business renewed the brewhouse. A distilling unit is the pride of brewmaster Heribert Puettner.

The picture below was taken at Iblacker Brewery in Weiden. The brewery still uses an iron coolship to settle the hops after boiling the wort. A baudelot instead of a heat exchanger is in use to bring the wort temperature down to 50° F before it gets into the fermenting room.

Brewmaster Albert Iblacker showed us these rare examples of traditional brewing devices.