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Vohenstrauss - Weissbierbrauerei Behringer

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The fourth brewery we visited on Friday is located in the small town of Vohenstrauss. But we went first to Rosie Weidners beautiful gifts and flowers shop where Jim could not get enough of German and Swiss chocolate for his colleagues (he works for a food retailing company).
Weissbierbrauerei Behringer is propably the most unique Hefeweizen brewery in the world. Mr Fiebig - his father came to Vohenstrauss as a young boy during World War II and was adopted by Mr Behringer and his wife as they had no children - brews about 600 barrels of beer per year. The majority of this beer is consumed on premises in the pub (picture below).
As Mr Fiebig brews every 15 days, he takes out the plates of the lauter tun inbetween. Notice that the lauter tun is open on the top. During the brew the wooden hood is used.
The kettle had to be renewed a couple of years before. Mr Fiebig is very happy with this investment as he does not have to fire the kettle with wood any more.

The wort is chilled in a coolship. The silver vessel on the left hand is a hop sieve.

After the brew the wort is filled into this tun to settle the cold break and the inactive yeast.

After one day the beer is transfered into an other tun behind the windows for the fermentation. After 3 days the beer is brought back into this tun, the primer for barrel fermentation (8 gallons of wort were boiled in a huge pot for sterilisation and then kept for 4 days in the refrigerator) is added and then the beer is filled into kegs. A second fermentation takes about two weeks at 48 °F.
Most of the beer is consumed on premises in the pub. Mr Fiebit runs it by himself with the help of his sister Andrea.