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Zoigl - Present Towns

The Zoigl-tradition is alive in only five towns today.

In Eslarn, Falkenberg, Mitterteich, Neuhaus and Windischeschenbach Zoigl is beeing brewed in brewhouses owned by an association of homebrewers or the town.

The wort is then brought to the private cellars of the brewers, where the fermentation and lagering of the beer is done.

A couple of weeks later the beer is tapped directly from the lagering tank and sold in the private rooms of the brewer, which are used as a pub only for a limited time until the beer is gone.

On the photos on the right hand and below you can see the brewhouses.

If you like to taste a real Zoigl, have a look into the Friday or Saturday issues of the local newspapers "Der Neue Tag " or "Oberpfälzer Nachrichten".

The Zoiglbrewers at Windischeschenbach have an own web-site at www.zoiglbier.de! (in German only)

Brewhouse at Eslarn
Kommunbrauhaus at Mitterteich
Brauhaus at Windischeschenbach
"Brauhaus" at Falkenberg with the romantic castle in the background.
Brewhouse at Neuhaus an der Waldnaab