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Great Beer Wanderers - Tuesday

Arrival: Weihenstephan + Braeuwirt Weiden
Pirker Brauhaus
Puettner + Iblacker Weiden
Drinking Zoigl
Pilsner Urquell
Pilsen - Brewery Museum
Staropramen + Branik
Velke Popovice + Pruhonice
Krusovice + Chyne
U Fleku + Last Evening
On Tuesday we visited Krusovice Brewery, now owned by the Binding Brewery from Germany.

A modern, fully-automated brewery was built near the old brewery since 1992.

On the photo below you can see the cylindroconical tanks.

The old malting building was renovated and serves as a visitor center.

On the way back to Prague we stopped for a beer at Chyne Brewpub. It was the second brewpub which was opened after the breadown of communism.

The oldest Brewpub in the Czech Republik dates back to the year 1499: "U Fleku" at Prague.

An old brewhouse and the last coolship in the Czech Republik are used to brew the famous black beer.

We came just in the right time to see the wort in the coolship.

It is the last one in the Czech Republik.

Brewmaster Ivan Chramosil was not amused when we told him that we saw already two coolships on Friday in Germany.

The cellars are shown on the next page...